10 Reasons to List Your House During the Winter

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10. By selling your property NOW, you may have the opportunity of being a non-contingent buyer for another property during the spring when typically more houses are on the market making the competition greater.

Being a non contingent buyer puts you in a better purchasing position than if you're contingent on the sale of your current home.

9. Interest rates are still low for buyers! There's some great lending programs out there!

8. January is the month of new beginnings: jobs, goals and financial decisions. New Year's Resolutions of purchasing a home in 2017 is on the rise.

7. Buyers have more time to view homes during the holidays as many take time off of work.

6. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays and are more likely to follow their heart for a HOME.

5. Warm fireplaces, the smell of cinnamon and the decorations of winter make a house feel like a HOME.

4. Lower supply during the winter months: Less competition, more demand means better sales price for the seller.

3. When supply of homes for sale goes down, it means there is a greater opportunity to capture the most motivated buyers.

2. People who look for homes during the holidays are traditionally READY and SERIOUS to purchase a home!

...and the number one reason why you should list your home during the holidays/winter:

1. The Montuori Group does not take time off in the winter and will work hard for YOU and the sale of your house!