Boost Your Home's Value Without Busting The Bank

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10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Value Without Busting the Bank

You've decided to sell your house. How can you give it a glow without the cost of a full facelift? We've compiled a few simple and fairly inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that can add astonishing values to the overall sales price to your property.  When our clients ask what they can do to increase the interest and value, these are a few of suggestions we offer, compiled in a list for you! Of course, every home's condition and value differ especially from market to market. 

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Ten DIY Projects To Boost Your Home's Value:

1- Kitchen Kindness - The kitchen is the hub of most homes. Family, friends and anyone gathering in the home typically meet in the kitchen. Therefor, this room is the most visited at Open Houses and those viewing homes for sale. Potential home buyers on average spend more time in consideration mode while in the kitchen of the listed home. This room should be on its game. Updated kitchen faucets, cabinet and drawer handles and light fixtures are among the items that make the biggest difference in the overall look of an outdated versus an updated kitchen. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to replace on your own. For an even bigger 'wow', paint, stain or refinish kitchen cabinetry. Say 'good bye' to old linoleum and welcome some updated tile for the flooring. "The overall look of the kitchen greatly depends on the flooring and counter tops... these can make or break the sale for me," says home buyer Jennifer. 

2- Appliance Appeal - Put on your 'buyer's glasses' and look at the appliances in your kitchen. Are they tired? Do they match? Are they clean??  There are a few things that can be done instead of replacing the appliances themselves. New face panels can be ordered in many cases, straight from the manufacturer for dishwashers, and are fairly simple to change out. Appliance paint is another option (make sure it is appropriate for ovens if using on one). A cohesive looking kitchen is very appealing to the eye and overall look of the kitchen. If appliances are too old, consider purchasing a new set on sale or from a third party; this small investment will most likely pay off in the sales price.

3- Bathroom Beauty - Second in line to the kitchen, the bathrooms need to have the updated look and feel. Some items that can easily be changed out in a DIY fashion are the toilet seats, faucets and sinks. These items can change the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Replacing the large mirror that covers a majority of the wall with smaller framed mirrors over the sink really bring some style and character to the room. New caulking around tub and toilets really add sparkle and cleanliness. Give a once over to your shower/tub. Does the grout/tile need cleaning or replacing? Are there chips, stains or drips that need attention?

4- Love the Landscaping - Remember curb appeal! Both front and back yards should be trimmed and looking pleasant. This is the packaging that surrounds your home, make sure it looks inviting. A gardener for a one time spruce up might be worth the extra $$ to draw the attention from onlookers to your home for sale.

5- Knock Up The Knobs - Hows the door handles of your front door? How do they look on the rest of your doors throughout your home? If purchasing new knobs is too tight on the wallet, painting them is a quick day's project. Don't forget the hinges! Remove the hinges and door knobs, prime them and spray paint with desired color. After drying for several hours, replace.

6- Let There Be Light - Consider updating light fixtures throughout your home to more updated, stylish ones that automatically update any room.

7- Treat The Tootsies - Carpeting and other flooring can immediately date a room. If replacing the carpeting or flooring is out of the budget, consider getting the carpets professionally cleaned then covering with area rugs for the staged look and cover up. The eye will be drawn to the area rug and not the flooring beneath. Carpet cleaning is a must for all pet owners. Even the cleanest of homes will have pet odor in the carpeting. It's inevitable.

8- Hire Help - Is there an outlet that isn't functional? A leaky faucet? An a/c vent not venting? Let the professionals take care of these items prior to putting your home on the market. These details reflect the home is in great shape and has been well taken care of; two items very attractive to potential buyers. "Buyers want to know things work and will work after they buy the home," says Heather a buyer in the process of purchasing a home.

9- View The Vents - Look up! How do the air vents look? Could they use a good cleaning? Make sure there is a new air filter in the intake for the air conditioner. This is extremely inexpensive. If your vents are pretty dirty, that could indicate your air conditioner could use a service call. Save this receipt to show potential buyers.

10- Clean Clean Clean - Spring clean your home like you've never spring cleaned before. If, after updating and upgrading, you have some extra cash, it might be worth it to hire a professional house cleaner. Details such as blinds, window tracks, drains, corners, ceiling fans, door jams and walls are jut a few items that show dirt build up and can put a bad reflection in a potential buyer's eyes.


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