Buying A Home Is A Good Financial Decision

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In a recent survey of the National Association of Realtors, 84% of Americans surveyed have an “overwhelmingly” belief that buying a home is a good financial decision.  A majority of those surveyed, over 50%,  believe that home ownership plays a part in providing a safe and stable environment and that purchasing real estate is a “solid financial decision”.  

While the top financial reasoning  for buying a home are building equity and preparing for retirement , some are concerned about the cost of real estate.  Nationally, 44% indicated that a lack of affordable housing is “a very big or fairly big problem”. Misperceptions regarding down payments play a key role in the affordability issue. NAR president, William E. Brown, says, "Despite the growing concern over affordable housing, this survey makes it clear that a strong majority still believe in home ownership and aspire to own a home of their own."

Who do you trust when making this huge financial decision? REALTORS are among the top three of the trusted sources when it comes to purchasing a property according to those surveyed. Friends/family and banks were among the other top trustworthy sources named. Trusting your real estate agent is the foundation of purchasing real estate.

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