Investors, Keep Your Eye On West Sacramento

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Market Trends

Here are at The Montuori Group, it's our business to pay attention to real estate trends. If you are a real estate investor, it's time to turn your gaze towards West Sacramento. Let's make it clear that even if you are an aspiring first-time home buyer, this information is important for you, as well, because thinking like an investor when starting your journey into home ownership will get you ahead.


Gentrification Is Imminent


The city of West Sacramento has recently announced its plan to acquire the riverfront Shell tank farm, and redevelop the area for mixed use. That is going to mean opportunities for investors to build new residential plots and commercial strips. As a result, proximate home values should increase over the next 5 years. Savvy money looks for these trends and enters the market while its low to see huge gains in short periods of time.


To widen the lens for more evidence of this, take a look at rising home prices in the Bay Area. We are already seeing Bay Area residents fleeing to Sacramento and opting to commute in order to take advantage of lower prices here.  Hot markets like Natomas and Mid-town are already benefiting from this shift, but we see West Sacramento's resurgence on the horizon.


The city is also taking steps to combat homelessness in the area. A new app called Appledore has been launched to track homeless camps and assist community resource agencies in effective communication. West Sacramento is the first in the region to adopt this technology, and reports are positive thus far. The hope is this will help organizations like police, county social and mental health workers streamline the information collected, and improve outreach to the homeless community.


Culture and Nightlife are On The Up


The introduction of the new state-of-the-art Golden One center in the heart of downtown only further supports the growth in this area and bodes well for West Sacramento too as people relocate to an affordable area that's still very close to Sacramento entertainment and culture. Speaking of culture, the Barn in West Sacramento is now again hosting Off the Grid, a free outdoor food festival, on Saturdays 5-10pm. Local craft beer has been a cornerstone in transforming West Sacramento's image, and Drake's Brewing Co plans to become a fixture at this event and others at The Barn.


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