March Madness- Spring is Springing!

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Spring Is Springing:

It's true! Time to come out of hibernation; winter is just about over and Spring Fever is in the air. This includes the Real Estate Market; Spring Fever is just beginning which historically kicks off in March. Yes, March madness is upon us.

Home Buying Season Is Here:

Typically, Spring is the busiest in the Real Estate market and this 2017 Spring is expected to be no exception to this rule. Whether selling or buying property, the home buying season is upon us with Daylight Savings launching it off this upcoming weekend. The weather is warming up, the daylight hours are longer and the vibrant colors are blooming all around. Potential home buyers, many with cabin fever, are eager and  ready to take advantage of the weather, sunshine and blooming scenery to get out and tour homes. On the flip side, potential home sellers are ready to take advantage of the sunlight, green grass and bulbs awakening from their own winter slumber for the initial curb appeal to highlight and showcase their homes in the best frame to potential buyers. Weather patterns have much to do with the ebb and flow of real estate, therefore Spring is welcomed and preferred by most in regards to real estate transactions. 

Spring Rush:

The Spring selling season, the peak time of the year, brings with it a certain rush of activity that is good news for both Buyers and Sellers. Inventory is currently low, meaning there are not enough homes for sale, on the market, as there are Buyers looking for homes to purchase. This equates to it being a great time for Sellers as the market is not saturated in other listings. Buyer competition is high, not only due to the low inventory, but also the incredibly low interest rates. Even with the slight shift we've seen, interest rates are still very desirable and very low. This means more house for the Buyer's dollar.


No matter which side of the Real Estate fence one is sitting, Spring is springing up and is a great time in the blooming Real Estate market for both Sellers and Buyers alike. 


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